It’s no mystery that yoga is good for your health. Yoga, like any other exercise routine, offers a number of benefits, including improved strength and flexibility. However, the benefits of yoga far surpass other workouts. Today, we’re going to delve into some of the added health benefits of yoga over other workout routines.

Yoga and the Mind

Yoga is meditative as well as physically focused. So while you’re working out your body, you’re calming your mind. That can mean a drop in stress, an increase in mental energy, a decrease in depression and anxiety, and better overall cognition and focus. Plus, you’ll boost your mood. The mental benefits of yoga and meditation are unique, and they extend above and beyond the spectrum of benefits provided by other exercises.

Yoga and Sweat

Yoga makes you sweat. Through controlled breathing, movement, and poses that demand muscle strength, your body turns into a veritable furnace. That means burnt calories, and it means that the tap opens up for your pores to pour out sweat.

Now, what’s so important about sweat? Why is sweating good for your health? Well there’s no brief answer to that question. Sweating offers a wide variety of benefits to the body, and yoga can be one of the most efficient ways to get those pores pumping. That’s why, for our next blog, we’ll be talking about the benefits of sweat and yoga. So stay tuned to learn about the sweetness that sweat provides; and stop in at Collierville Yoga to get your sweat on while you meditate! We’re your local yoga studio here in Collierville, near Germantown, Memphis, and Arlington, Tennessee.