In our last blog, entitled
“Yoga for Your Health,” we mentioned that yoga offers a variety of health benefits that extend beyond the normal benefits of other forms of exercise. First, we’d discussed mediation in yoga, a practice that can offer huge mental benefits. Next, we pointed out that yoga is very effective for getting you to sweat. Today, we’re going to point out why sweat is so darn good for the body.

Sweat Out Toxins

Toxins find a way into our body, and sweat can push them back out. Whether it’s from pollutants, pesticides in foods, or chemicals in cleaning products, toxins have made their way into our day-to-day. Fortunately, sweating provides a solution, keeping your body healthy and toxin-free.

Keep Your Kidneys Happy

Your kidneys are responsible for filtering your blood, but kidneys can get overworked. Sweat aids your kidneys by pouring out excess salt that has compiled in the bloodstream. That can mean better kidney health, and fewer kidney stones.

Improve Your Complexion

Sweat is simply healthy for your pores. If you have complexion issues, sweat may be the solution. Sweating can help you get rid of acne, and it revitalizes your skin.

Boost Your Immunity

Sweat can even keep you from getting sick! Sweat contains peptides that are antimicrobial – which means that they can take out bacteria. Wipe out dangerous pathogens and germs with a good yoga sweat!

Endorphins & Mood

Sweating boosts your endorphins, and your endorphins boost your mood! If you could use a pick-me-up, sweat might be your daily medicine!

In short, sweating offers up a wide variety of benefits; and since yoga makes you sweat, yoga can be your connection to health and vitality. Join Collierville Yoga for your next yoga and sweat session!