Question: Should I eat or drink anything before a yoga practice?

Answer: To gain the greatest benefit from a yoga practice, a person should refrain from eating anything within two hours of practice, preferably 4 hours. This provides time for the body to become as empty of food in the digestion process as possible and allow the body’s system to focus on the cleansing actions the Asana  postures provide. All that folding, twisting, and turning would not feel very comfortable on a full stomach. Similarly, drink water up to one hour before a practice. This allows the body to become fully hydrated and release any excess fluids in the bladder before a practice. A full bladder is uncomfortable during yoga practice and may cause you to have to interrupt your practice session. Drink water and not any other beverages if at all possible, especially sugar and/or carbonated beverages. Sugar beverages may cause a sharp rise in blood sugar, and a subsequent fall right in the middle of a practice. Carbonated beverages will create gas and bloating which again, is uncomfortable during practice.

Question: Who attends yoga classes?

Answer: Everyone! All ages, backgrounds, and abilities. Yoga is filled with diversity! If you are new and apprehensive to attend your first yoga class or return for the second or third class. If you believe yoga studios are filled with perfectly flexible very young people performing complicated postures, you are not alone. It appears intimidating for many. This is who attends a typical yoga class in America: In a typical class size of 10 people, 8 will be female; 4 will be 35-54; 2 will be 55 or older; 7 will be college educated; Top 5 reasons for starting a yoga practice: Gain flexibility (78.3 percent); improve general conditioning (62.2 percent); reduce stress (59.6 percent); improve overall health (58.5 percent) and physical fitness (55.1 percent). Do you fit within these statistics? We all fit in yoga! We are happy to welcome you to any of our classes at Collierville Yoga.