There are many benefits for yoga, but you’re not sure if it’s right for you. You have a hesitation about joining a class where people are bendy and have been doing yoga for years, because perhaps you will look foolish or fall over while doing a pose. While these are all valid, we don’t want you to not try yoga because of concerns that will fade after one session. The benefits of increasing bone density, reducing anxiety while increasing clarity, and build strength are well worth trying yoga out.

Collierville Yoga has classes specifically for beginners. Our classes are leveled, starting at beginning to help new yoga participants to feel comfortable so you can get all of the benefits from this restorative and strengthening practice. Know that we won’t rush you through and assume you know everything already. Our beginning class will go at a slower pace than our more advanced classes. We will give specific instruction on how to correctly hold the postures and how to modify poses to help allow people with restrictions for maximum health, body and mind benefits. Invite a friend to join you in the class.

Collierville Yoga is Collierville’s only independent dedicated yoga studio locally owned and operated. We have many levels and types of yoga classes, so the next time you are wondering, “Are there yoga classes near me?” Collierville Yoga is your answer. Register online or come see us and get your first session free. Give the gift of relaxation this Christmas with a gift certificate for yoga classes.