You just moved to Collierville and are thinking, “I need to find Ashtanga yoga classes near me.” Your mindfulness is no longer automatic, you have to be intentional rather than it being natural. Realizing that it has been too long without a class, you also ponder on how it’s time to find a place where you can get to know others who love the stretching, strengthening and meditation that Ashtanga yoga provides you.

A few things that you will look for are that the studio have a holistic mindset when it comes to having a healthy mind and body. It ought to be a space that has that natural calming environment, where you don’t walk in from outside and right into the room where class is happening. You would like a transition area to come out into so that peace experienced in the class is not lost the moment class is over.

Another thing that’s important to you is to find a studio with a focus on sustainability and being eco-friendly. After all, it’s not just about treating your body with the best, it’s treating everyone and everything around you with the best, therefore, the environment needs to be properly used and respected.

Collierville Yoga will fit your lifestyle, ideals and practices, offering many different classes for beginners through advanced. We pride ourselves on offering small class sizes and a fantastic community of those who love yoga and all benefits that come from it. Contact us to find out more information or stop by our studio. Your first class is free.