Like any other physical or mental exercise, yoga takes practice—and that’s OK! Nobody starts yoga as a master. We all start as beginners. Some of us lack strength. Others lack stamina. Others can’t balance all that well. And others still can’t quite stretch to touch their toes. Again, that’s OK! It takes a while to get into the swing of things. It can take several sessions to build tone, become flexible, and hone your balance. And you can always improve. That’s what makes yoga the ideal lifelong pursuit. And that’s something that’s so important to recognize as a beginner. Today, we’re addressing all those beginners out there. After all, we’re here to get you on the right path here at Collierville Yoga. That’s why we’ve built out this series—you can backtrack and read part one of our Tips for Yoga Beginners, if you’d like. Now, it’s on to part II. Here are a few more tips that will keep you on the mat, and progressing towards a happier, healthier, more centered you.

Stick to a Schedule

If you’re planning on making yoga a regular part of your routine, build it into your schedule. With work, kids, cooking, cleaning, and sleep, it can be difficult to find time for a yoga session. Create a schedule and stick to it. Craft a yoga journal, and log what you do, for how long, and anything else you’d like to record. Or, if you struggle to keep to a personal schedule, sign up for recurring classes. Don’t let your progress become all for naught. Make yoga one of the best habits of your life.

When You Practice at Home…

Build Your Practice

If you like to practice yoga in the comfort of your home, it’s best to start out with some guidance. You can check out a few books on yoga, or even purchase a poster with positions and movements. Better yet, invest in a video that has yoga instructions. Just don’t get too attached to your yoga videos. It’s best to mix up the movements, and to have a yogi keep an eye on your posture—especially during your earliest practices (so stop in for a yoga session here at the studio!).

Make Space

Next tip: Make the most of your yoga space. It’ll be difficult to maintain focus and meditate if you’re stuck in a stuffy room that’s cluttered with your belongings. Instead, build a beautiful, relaxing, clean space. Yogis often prefer natural light (or a few candles), plants, and plenty of space to move around.

Get Music if You’d Like!

Yoga is a mental exercise, as well as a physical exercise. So, when you’re trying to relax, you may find better focus with a bit of music. Pick out a favorite CD with nature noises, or put Spotify on, and play a relaxing playlist. Your mind will thank you.



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Thanks for reading! As always, you’re welcome to join us for yoga sessions here at our Collierville studio. We work with yoga practitioners of all skill levels, and we love to get yoga beginners on the right path. Check back soon for more articles!