For beginners, yoga classes can be intimidating. The Hindu language, Sanskrit, is sometimes used in classes to refer to poses (asanas) and other aspects and practices of yoga. The language and the mentality are part of yoga and while the stretching can be separated from the theory behind it, the full benefits are found when breaths and mindfulness are connected to the physical activity itself. Part of mindfulness includes knowing for each pose what the purpose of that pose is.

One common sequence of asanas is the Surya Namaskara, the Sun Salutation or the salute to the sun in English. This is often an opening for a longer sequence of asanas. It warms the body and energizes you for the day, getting your blood flowing and stretching out your muscles and ligaments and bring movement to your body that has been at rest.

In yoga, each asana carries with it a practice that goes beyond the movement. Doing the Sun Salutation at the beginning of the day can bring your mind to that particular moment and help you set your intentions for your day, allowing you to start your day with a clear direction.

At Collierville Yoga, we can walk you through practicing yoga and learning the poses for stretching and strengthening. We have yoga classes for beginners so you can learn how to experience the Sun Salutation to its full. Ashtanga yoga offers an active yoga that has many benefits to your physical health and mental health. Stop in and see our studio and get signed up for a yoga class for beginners today!