In our last blog, we outlined a few benefits of deep breathing. We noted that deep breathing relieves you of stress, it aids in the filtration of toxins from the body, and it can relieve pain. Today, we’re going to add to that list. Let’s take a look at what deep breathing can do for both beginner and advanced yoga practitioners alike:

The Benefits of Deep Breathing


Do you struggle to focus throughout the day? If you’re constantly working, toting the kids around, running errands, overcoming obstacles, and jumping through hoops, it’s likely that your mind is sprinting as fast as your body. It’s also likely that you struggle to focus throughout the day. That may be apparent when you sit down to tackle a simple task, or a lack of focus may show itself if you struggle to fall asleep at night. Deep breathing forces you to focus, and it can halt that mental sprint. With regular deep breathing exercises, you can teach your mind to relax and focus. That can mean less stress, more productivity, and easier, more regular sleep.

Shed Weight

Deep breathing can also help you lose weight! It’s true! As we breathe deeply, oxygen fills our bloodstream, and that oxygen is delivered to the heart (as well as the rest of the body). When the heart has plenty of oxygen, it can pump more blood, thus boosting cardiac performance. As oxygen-rich blood cycles through the body, our muscles operate in a more aerobic state, which can encourage burning fat for energy. Over time, that can mean weight loss, and it improves your cardiovascular health.

In short, deep breathing is essential for mental and whole-body health. You can improve your focus and you can shed a few pounds of fat by breathing deeply. Pair deep breathing with yoga for doubled results! If you’re ready to begin self-improvement through deep breathing and yoga, you can sign up for classes here at Collierville Yoga!