There are many benefits inherent in practicing yoga on a regular basis, flexibility and mindfulness are among the more obvious of the benefits. What about the benefits of practicing yoga that aren’t immediately seen or noticed? There are plenty of those. Here are 5 not so obvious benefits yoga will likely give you.

  1. Practicing yoga will give you discipline. Many sports and forms of exercise can give you this benefit, but very few go so far as to add mindfulness to that discipline. The slowing down of movements, the intentionality of breath, positioning and thought all add to this.

  2. The discipline and awareness during yoga can also lead to the second benefit, breathing. In life, it’s easy to neglect the importance of breath, yet it is crucial to health and relaxation.

  3. Finding your perfect weight and composition is possible through yoga and yogic practices, helping you to see the yourself in a different light. Through regular practice, something will shift in your perspective in addition to the regular exercise and the physical, transformative benefits.

  4. Through yoga, you can gain a perspective on life and the use of energy that will bleed over into your everyday life. Time spent on things that are a waste will become more apparent as will the activities that add to your quality of life.

  5. Similarly, complaining may show itself as a time waster.

Start practicing yoga to see these and other benefits surface in your life. Collierville Yoga is Collierville’s only independently dedicated yoga studio. We are locally owned and operated to give you the best yoga classes for beginners up to advanced. Contact us or stop by the studio to get started.