With temperatures in the 90s, it’s time to get outdoors to make the most of the warm weather. But summer temps and the bright sun can make it difficult to get outside for exercise—fortunately, you can always escape the heat by taking classes here at Collierville Yoga, your Top Rated Local® Collierville yoga studio.

However, if you’re bold enough to take to the outdoors for your yoga sessions, we’re here with advice on how to get the most out of your open air workout! As you may have noticed, this is part two of our blog series; in our last blog, we’d mentioned wearing sunscreen to ward off harmful rays, drinking plenty of water (you’ll work up a sweat!), and the pros and cons of using a mat. Today, we’re talking about making the most of the heat, finding the best location for outdoor yoga, and the best ways to relax while you enjoy a yoga session in the sun.

Amp Up the Heat

If you’re a fan of hot yoga, well you can attain the same results outside. Be sure to bring along a towel (to wipe away sweat), and plenty of water (it’s important to hydrate!). If you’re especially daring, you can do yoga in the heat of the sun. Just be sure to wear some shades, and have a cool space to escape to if you need a break in the middle of a session.

The Ultimate Yoga Spot

Personally, I’m a fan of shade when I opt to get outdoors for a yoga session. Also, it’s necessary to find a nice patch of grass with level terrain. Since I prefer to practice yoga with some privacy, I stick to the back yard most of the time. Plus, I can play music (Nils Frahm is my go-to). Now, that’s just me, but you can follow suit if you’d like! Some folks prefer the park, some prefer to get a workout by the lake at sunset. Whatever your preference, you can make the most of your yoga session when you find yourself the ultimate yoga spot!



Really Relax

Remember that yoga empowers us to relax and meditate, and nature can help us to do so. Turn your yoga sessions into sheer bliss, and find spaces which make you relax the most. You may find that a nearby fountain aids your relaxation, or, perhaps you prefer the sound of leaves dancing in the wind. If you want the most relaxing experience, you can bring a pillow along, and let your yoga session slip into a well-deserved nap.


Well, we do hope that you’ll make the most of your summer! If you’re feeling bold, you can take to the outdoors to find your own favorite relaxing summertime yoga spot. And remember, we’re always here if you need to escape the heat of the hottest months. Take a look at our classes and current schedule, and get in touch with us if you’re curious about any of our sessions! We provide lessons for beginners and advanced yogis alike!