The heat is on here in Collierville, and that means that you can enjoy yoga in and outside of the studio! As temps leap towards 90, it’s time to make the best of the sun, warmth, and fresh air. So, if you’re trying to get outdoors for a session, follow our tips to make the most of your routine!


With the sun at high noon and temperatures soaring near triple digits, it’s as imperative as ever that you get plenty of water in your system. Drink water before, during, and after your yoga session to ensure that your muscles and body stay hydrated. With the sun beating down, you’re likely to sweat more, just like a hot yoga session. Hydrating will keep you limber and energized during your outdoor sesh.

Mind the Sun

If you’re outdoors for a long session consider using sunscreen and try to find some shade. On the flip side, if you’re trying to open up the pores for a healthy sweat, a bit of sun won’t hurt. Just be prepared to pick up and move to the nearest shade tree if you get too hot.

Mat or Matless?

Indoors, a mat is almost always a must. Your mat keeps your skin from slipping, and it provides much needed padding if you’re practicing on a wood or concrete floor. Outside, however, all the rules are out the window. Feel free to find a nice, soft grassy area to practice yoga—no mat needed. Just be sure to scour the area for rocks and twigs, they could throw you off of your routine. If you’re feeling extra bold, take to a sandy beach and practice yoga mat-free. You’ll need expert balance and patience to maintain positions on shifting sands—and you’ll get a bit more of a workout to keep that balance.


Too Hot?

When it’s too hot for yoga in the summer sun, we’re always here. Count on Collierville come rain or summer sunshine. The studio’s always here, and you always know what the weather will bring!