Are you looking to get started practicing yoga? Like anything, it can be difficult to jump into yoga without any experience. We understand that beginning yoga can be intimidating, and we’re here to cater to your needs and concerns. Here at Collierville Yoga, we accept all levels of experience in our classes. We strive to ease our clients into the world of yoga, and for that reason, we provide a diverse variety of yoga classes. Browse through our schedule to find the right class to suit your needs, and consider our two main options: private yoga lessons, and group yoga workshops.

Private Yoga Lessons

If you’re self-conscious, image-conscious, or just shy, don’t fret. We love to help beginners learn yoga and grow in health, and we provide private, one-on-one lessons if you’d prefer to get started with plenty of help and privacy. Private yoga lessons are a great option for those who need a little extra attention and support, or those who aren’t yet secure in performing yoga in a group setting.

Group Yoga Workshops

Group yoga workshops also provide a viable setting for certain yoga beginners. In our casual group settings, you’ll be able to watch others perform yoga and learn together as a group. Our yoga workshop attendees can learn from each other, learning variations of poses and proper technique.

So regardless of your circumstance or experience level, you’re welcome to join us here at Collierville yoga. We’re here to connect you with a yoga experience that you’ll enjoy and a yoga experience that is comfortable.