While you can do yoga any time of the day (or night), some times are simply better than others. For instance, you may do yoga in the morning in order to help you wake up, welcome the day, and start your routine. So what time works best for you? Well, we’re here to offer up some of the most popular yoga times, and why they’re beneficial for yogis:

First Thing in the Morning

As we just mentioned, yoga may be an integral part of your daily routine. Many of us rely on yoga to help wake up. A bit of stretching and movement gets the blood flowing, and it can help to invigorate and energize the body for the coming 16 hours or so. If you’re a morning practitioner, you probably prefer to greet the sun, positioning your mat towards the sunrise.

Just Before Work

Similarly, some practitioners prefer to get a yoga session in right before work. That’s a smart move for those who’re looking to get ahead in the workplace. Once again, yoga invigorates and energizes the body, and that can leave you well prepared for a day at the office. You’ll think more clearly, and that means that you can produce better work, more efficiently.

Lunch Time

When you work from dusk ‘til dawn, it may only be possible to get out for a yoga session at lunch. That’s still great news since it can give you a second wind at work, and it’ll still leave you feeling great throughout the afternoon. Just be sure to eat lunch at some point!

2:30 to 5:00 in the Afternoon

As humans, we have a daily biological cycle, called our Circadian rhythm. For most of us, the body is most active in the afternoon. Around 2:30, we are generally our most coordinated. And near 5:00 PM, we usually experience our best cardiovascular efficiency for the day, as well as our best muscle strength. Plus, if you workout after work, you’ll release some of the tension and stress you’ve built up throughout the day. So, if you’re looking for better results from your yoga routine, consider taking some afternoon sessions.

3 Hours Before Bed

Doing yoga before bed can prepare you for sleep. However, you don’t want to do yoga too late in the evening, or you could actually hinder your sleep cycle. Give yourself 3 hours to loosen up your body and relax your mind for sleep.



Whenever Works!

Practice yoga any time of the day, it’s always beneficial. Often, those of us who are busy simply have to practice yoga when it is most convenient — whenever it fits in our schedules. Don’t worry! You’re still improving your health, upping your energy levels, reducing stress, and improving your mood, regardless of when you practice.

As always, if you’re seeking a favorite spot to practice, join us here at Collierville Yoga. Take a moment to check out our current class schedule. We’ll see you soon!