What is Vinyasa Yoga?

Vinyasa is a Sanskrit term meaning to “move in a designated way.” Although all yoga styles where movement is based on each inhalation and exhallation, Vinyasa Yoga is generally  seen as a more contemporary western style of yoga. It is a freestyle format giving the teacher the ability to creatively design and facilitate variety into very session while still preserving the meditative intent of the practice. A Vinyasa Yoga session may focus on postures to develop specific areas of the body, improve flexibility, or increase muscular strength. The speed of the class is based on the teacher’s design and could be a slow flow from posture to posture or move at the speed of a single inhalation and exhalation for each posture. This style is generally accompanied by music designed to create a proper environment for the students to remain focussed during the practice. Vinyasa Yoga like all yoga should also be fun and safe for all levels of students. Our teachers provide assistance for newcomers to become familiar with the practice encouraging everyone to make their yoga practice a priority in maintaining an active healthy lifestyle.