1. Outstanding teaching skills

    Teresa leads an excellent yoga class and has outstanding teaching skills. She is adept in modifying and repeating explanations when needed in order to maximize integration of the members, no matter what their skill level is. Her classes strike a remarkable balance between relaxation and physical challenge.…Read More

    Wendy Nations
  2. When Teresa teaches, she is sharing something she loves

    If you’re lucky enough to attend one of Teresa’s classes, you’ll enjoy her amazing voice and command of Sanskrit as she guides her students through a traditional Ashtanga practice. Her classes will challenge even practiced Yogis, but her compassion is undeniable and the newest of students learn quickly that all they have to do is “breathe”and they will come out stronger and with a greate…Read More

    Maggie Waples
  3. A walking testament to the benefits of a disciplined yoga practice

    Teresa is an amazing Ashtanga Yoga instructor. She is well known in the local Ashtanga community for her knowledge of Sanskrit and her true passion for Ashtanga Yoga. She is always interested in deepening and sharing his knowledge and has studied with many masters, including Manju Pattahbi Jois, the Ashtanga Yoga guru of Mysore, India. She is truly an inspiration and is a walking testament to the …Read More

    Heather Clements