1. The Different Styles of Yoga

      Some people make fun of yoga- saying it is not a real workout because there is not a high level of cardio or muscle strengthening exercises. But if you have ever tried yoga, you will know how physically challenging it can actually be. Different yoga poses work your core, strengthening your muscle…Read More

  2. Yoga & Diet

    Physicians preach to the power of diet and exercise. Now, we’ve already discussed the benefits of yoga. So we’re going to take a moment in this article to delve into the power of a healthy diet. Let’s jump into some of the best foods that you can pair with your workout to double your results. …Read More

  3. How to Apply Yoga Principles to Your Everyday Life

    For many people yoga is a great way to get in shape and feel outstanding. A wise decision, since yoga is known to help increase flexibility, endurance, and strength; some people are even able to more easily meet their fitness and weight-loss goals by incorporating yoga into their daily fitness routi…Read More

  4. Why We Stretch

    Yoga combines stretching and strength. Throughout a routine, you’re amplifying your flexibility, and you’re improving your strength. Today, we’re going to talk about the former: Fortifying your flexibility. Let’s answer the question, what does stretching do for your body? Flexibility & Y…Read More

  5. Sweat for Your Health

    In our last blog, entitled “Yoga for Your Health,” we mentioned that yoga offers a variety of health benefits that extend beyond the normal benefits of other forms of exercise. First, we’d discussed mediation in yoga, a practice that can offer huge mental benefits. Next, we pointed out that yo…Read More