If you’re a practitioner of yoga, you know that the benefits extend beyond flexibility. Energy increases, overall health improves, focus heightens, awareness increases, posture strengthens, the lungs open up, and hopefully diet and water consumption follow suit. I find myself applying yoga throughout the day to shake off the midday tiredness, or afternoon tightness. If your attending yoga classes, or private yoga lessons, consider applying your skills at home and at work everyday!

For some, yoga begins first thing in the morning. Often I’ll wake up and enter the upward dog position right there in bed. Depending on my morning, I’ll enter child’s pose for a few breaths, and then roll out of bed. I find this tactic really limbers me up in the morning, as your back muscles are already relaxed and at ease. This quick warm-up wakes me up, and keeps me loose all day.

Work at a desk? I highly recommend taking short yoga breaks. Take a minute to perform shoulder stretches at your desk, and consider investing in an exercise ball as a chair alternative. Exercise balls are designed to strengthen your balance, core, and your back and neck muscles throughout the day. If you’re stiff from sitting on a chair, consider making the leap!

Or, I highly recommend breaks of ten minutes or more. Bring a mat to work, and rock out a quick session right there in the office, or run your mat outside for a few minutes. You’ll find yourself realigned, reenergized, and refocused.

Consider further integrating yoga into your life. You’ll achieve further balance in your life, better flexibility and overall wholesomeness!