If you’re thinking about taking up yoga to improve your flexibility, athleticism, and spirituality but you’re nervous about joining a group class, private lessons are the ideal solution. Here at Collierville Yoga, we offer private, one-on-one lessons for individuals who’d like a refrain from the masses, but who’d still like to experience the many benefits that yoga has to offer.

The benefits of private yoga lessons also extend beyond avoiding a group scenario:

One-on-One Advice

Throughout a yoga routine, folks may have poor form (which usually just means that they’re trying too hard), especially if they’re beginners. We strive to help individuals as they navigate through our yoga routine, but it’s impossible to keep an eye on all participants while guiding the routine. In a one-on-one environment, we can ensure that your yoga positions are more correct and more beneficial for your body. You’ll receive the best yoga lessons of your life!

Personal Workouts Designed for You

On top of providing one-on-one advice for your yoga techniques, we can also provide a personalized routine for each lesson. We’ll work with you and your level of expertise to ensure that your yoga lesson isn’t too hard, but just difficult enough to aid you in finding progress and growth. We can discuss where you’d like to be as we work through each session, and what you expect to get out of a yoga session. Essentially, we’re here as a tool to connect you with the exact yoga session, in an ideal yoga environment, ensuring that you receive the best results – the results you want.