Flexibility simply feels great. But the benefits of flexibility extend beyond how well a body feels. Here are a few other benefits to maintaining flexibility that you may not have considered!

Improves Sports Performance & Exercise

Flexible bodies perform better as they exercise or play sports. Flexible athletes have more energy on the field, as well as more speed, better form, and better overall performance. Flexible athletes simply work better.

Reduces Stress

Often, stress appears in the form of a tight or clenched muscle – as well as headaches and nausea. Stretching aids in reducing stress, and it aids mental health as well as physical health. A quick stretch at work or in the middle of the day can work wonders; as it may be truly uplifting!

Reduce The Chances of Injury

Flexible bodies are less likely to suffer injuries. Think about it… if you accidentally roll your ankle, and that ankle is inflexible, you’re more likely to sprain it! Flexible bodies avoid serious injury more often, and they recover from injury more quickly.

Improve Posture

Flexibility improves a body’s posture. As back muscles and support muscles gain strength, flexibility, and balance, posture improves. A flexible body is more centered, and more likely to maintain a stable posture.

That’s why, here at Collierville Yoga, we promote flexibility in our group and private yoga lessons! Give your local yoga instructor a call, and begin your journey towards flexibility today! We offer one-on-one private yoga lessons, so you can focus on your individual flexibility!