1. The Best Times to Do Yoga

    While you can do yoga any time of the day (or night), some times are simply better than others. For instance, you may do yoga in the morning in order to help you wake up, welcome the day, and start your routine. So what time works best for you? Well, we’re here to offer up some of the most popular…Read More

  2. Summer Beckons, That Means Outdoor Yoga! Part II

    With temperatures in the 90s, it’s time to get outdoors to make the most of the warm weather. But summer temps and the bright sun can make it difficult to get outside for exercise—fortunately, you can always escape the heat by taking classes here at Collierville Yoga, your Top Rated Local® Coll…Read More

  3. The Different Styles of Yoga

      Some people make fun of yoga- saying it is not a real workout because there is not a high level of cardio or muscle strengthening exercises. But if you have ever tried yoga, you will know how physically challenging it can actually be. Different yoga poses work your core, strengthening your muscle…Read More

  4. Picking the Right Class for You

    Are you looking to get started practicing yoga? Like anything, it can be difficult to jump into yoga without any experience. We understand that beginning yoga can be intimidating, and we’re here to cater to your needs and concerns. Here at Collierville Yoga, we accept all levels of experience in o…Read More