Now is a good time to sign up for a yoga class near you because, well, anytime is a good time to sign up for a yoga class. The benefits of yoga are tremendous and if you keep up with it, it will change your outlook on life. If you are hesitant about signing up for a yoga class because you are not quite sure what to expect or how to dress and conduct yourself, well just read on and we will tell you all you need to know.

Yoga is best practiced without the burden of shoes. Now, don’t feel obligated to run out and get a pedicure for the occasion, but we do recommend you wash or rinse your feet before your session; especially if your feet have been stuffed in shoes all day long. After all, sweaty and dirty feet tend to stick to mats and could cause injury. Also, refrain from putting lotion on your feet as this may cause slippage on the mats and lead to potential disaster.

It is of utmost importance that you are comfortable when performing yoga. Clothing needs to be relatively loose and non-confining. Don’t wear excessively baggy clothes as this may impede certain moves or reveal too much skin. We also suggest a sweat absorbing material like cotton.

Breathing is very important in yoga. You might notice the people around you breathing in emphasis. That is, you might think you are in a room of snakes due to all the breathing noises. Relax, you will soon learn how to properly breathe and you shall fit right in with your yoga peers.

Most importantly, come and enjoy yourself. Yoga classes aren’t all about rules, it’s about what it does for you.