If you are a yoga practitioner, you probably already know of the brilliant ways yoga works. It could be you are getting fewer colds, or perhaps you sleep better at night, or any number of positive effects yoga has to offer. But if you try telling the tales of your yoga success, it could easily fall on deaf ears. You may find one or two people who are willing to hear your stories of restful nights and infrequent colds, but they offer excuses as to why they aren’t interested. Perhaps one of the biggest obstacles to yoga is the reluctance to do the poses in a class setting. There is an easy solution as we offer private yoga lessons for those who want to experience the benefits. And indeed there are many benefits.

The first and most obvious benefit of yoga is in the improved flexibility you will encounter. In time, you will notice that you have gone from a person who could not even touch their toes to a person who is now able to easily complete impossible yoga poses.

Those muscles in your arms and chest are more than just eye candy, they protect you from arthritis, back pain and other conditions. Yoga builds balanced muscles with added flexibility, while going to the gym merely builds muscles at the expense of flexibility.

With each yoga session, you take your joints through a full range of motion. This will prove to be beneficial down the road as it will help prevent degenerative arthritis.

Check back again soon and we will provide even more benefits you will experience through the motions of yoga.