Doing yoga indoors is lovely. The air temperature is regulated, and it’s a bit less likely to rain! But an outdoor yoga session is beautiful too! If you’ve joined Collierville Ashtanga Yoga for our lessons, then you’re ready to take yoga with you into the great outdoors!

There are several benefits of bringing your personal yoga practice outdoors. Let’s look at a few here:

Body awareness

Outdoor yoga practice can be distracting – which can be good! Obviously, it’s best to practice somewhere peaceful, but a few distractions – clouds, birds, wind – could aid your body awareness! We practice yoga to grow and learn about our body, and with some outside distractions, we can truly strengthen our focus. Find meditative patience as you listen to your body in the wilderness.

Balance and stability

Nature isn’t flat! If you’re taking your mat outdoors, you might struggle to find a perfectly flat spot. That’s ok! A little unevenness in your practice area can force you to adapt your balance. You’ll further work your muscles to maintain your stability. Fairly flat grass lawns are ideal yoga grounds.

Back to nature

Yoga began out-of-doors. With sun salutations prevalent throughout the history of yoga, it’s rather obvious that yoga began in the open. Full breathing is key in yoga, so why not make it a breath of fresh air!

Remember, you can always practice yoga indoors too! Rain or shine, indoor yoga is reliable – and it can be nice to have a controlled environment. If you’re looking for a place to perform indoor yoga, or if you’re looking to improve your form and dominate new moves, you can always count on Collierville Ashtanga Yoga to guide you through personal growth.