There are indeed many people who maintain a loving relationship with Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga. And though it may not always be easy, it is both uplifting and rewarding. The deeper you dig into this practice, the more beauty you will discover. If you feel attracted to Ashtanga yoga, you really need to experience it for yourself. If you have your doubts, here are a few reasons to at least give it a try.

Anything you want to do on a daily basis should be a part of a routine or ritual. For example, you have a routine that includes brushing your teeth each day. In turn, this ritual of brushing your teeth makes you want to smile all day long. Daily Ashtanga practice is very efficient, it keeps you strong and flexible and fuels your body with energy for the entire day. After your morning yoga ritual, you will feel like you have already accomplished something positive for the day.

Ashtanga yoga leaves you in a better place, a better state. The strong movements of this practice will leave you feeling better both physically and mentally.

You will soon realize the goal is not to master a certain pose, but harness what you have learned in the process of mastering it. That is, the idea is to dig deep and learn all you can while achieving your goals. You will learn how to trust yourself, your body and open your heart as well as other blocked areas, and, ultimately, to let go. Come and let Ashtanga yoga inspire you.