There are many obvious benefits to Ashtanga, and indeed other forms of Yoga including better breathing and a stronger immune system. But there are probably hundreds of benefits to yoga that people experience each and every day. There are many benefits that occur of which you are consciously aware. For example, perhaps you have discovered that you are in a much more healthy relationship since taking yoga. Yoga may very well have been the reason for this positive change.

Perhaps you have noticed there is less drama in your life. This shouldn’t be of no surprise as yoga does give you clarity of mind. You probably have learned to channel negativity efficiently and those little things like drama don’t upset you anymore. You may even notice you are now a better listener since you have started yoga and you find yourself reflecting upon a situation before reacting to it. This alone has probably saved you from at least a couple of potentially sticky situations. We would be willing to bet that yoga has made you a much more creative being. Perhaps you have discovered the ability to write wonderful poetry or maybe you come up with great craft ideas to do as a hobby. We invite you to come see what yoga can do for you.