Everybody goes through those phases of life when everything seems to go wrong. You know what I’m talking about, big changes at work, suffering from a few health related issues, kids not performing as well in school as expected. There is no place to run and hide and every ounce of energy is drained from your body by noon every day. These are the times when you need to slow down and take but a moment at a time.

You need to learn how to live in the now. The past is gone, so forget about it from time to time and we don’t know what the future holds, so why worry about it? If you are having lunch with a friend, that is what is happening right here, right now. Enjoy the moment, enjoy the meal, enjoy the pleasant conversation and most importantly, enjoy the smile you just cracked after the humorous comment.

You need to learn to laugh more often. When you drop your toast and it lands jelly-side down, laugh about it. When a co-worker tells a funny story, laugh out loud. Embrace the humorous moments in your life.

When you are feeling down, take note of progress, no matter how small. You manage to force yourself to do a little housework, you get kudos for that. You skipped the fast food joint and made yourself a tuna sandwich, congratulations. Pat yourself on the back for all the little accomplishments.

Go to yoga classes. For many, yoga is part of the healing process, it is a place to find space and heal. Make Ashtanga yoga a part of your routine, a part of your day. Embrace life, even at its worst.