Ashtanga  Yoga is a form of yoga that utilizes breathing and 8 positions fluently.  The benefits your body gets from doing yoga 2 to 3 times a week are extraordinary.  Your body will become stronger more flexible and healthier each week.  Breathing is a big attribute of yoga.  Inhaling breaths as you extend your body in stretches and exhaling breaths as you retreat. It is important to keep proper posture for each movement because this is what allows your body to become stronger and also keeps each move flowing.  You really will be amazed at how flexible you really are.  With each breath you take while stretching your flexibility gets better and better.  So you could say flexibility is a state of mind.

All of the stretching and lengthening of your body also helps your spine to open up and decompress.  Over time people have notices less neck and back pain.  They also benefit from less anxiety and an improved sense of balance, stronger bones, improved lung capacity and an improved over- all well-being feeling.  You don’t need to be nervous about starting a class at Collierville Yoga because classes are broken down into beginner to intermediate.  You will feel welcomed and at peace at our studio in Collierville TN.  Please, call us at (901) 201-5999 with any questions or concerns.  We are always happy to speak with you.  Having your mind body and spirit united and working together can make a huge difference in your life.