Here at Collierville Yoga, we’ve been able to realize the many benefits that yoga holds for us as it is one of the only elements in our lives that yields the most consistent benefits when practiced on a regular basis. Ashtanga Yoga opens an entirely new world of health benefits and the ability of living a more wholehearted life. Helping you break down barriers in your life and your heart, Ashtanga Yoga focuses on postures and poses in a specific order, moving in a specific manner, linked with each inhalation and exhalation.

As you inhale and exhale through the different poses of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, your body will flow and loosen. The continuous and progressive poses allow you to strengthen and detoxify, increasing your stamina and flexibility, while calming your mind and improving your overall health.

Finding your flow in Ashtanga Yoga can involve an intense, sweaty workout. However, it can also be deeply transformative. As you learn to link your breath with movement, you will be able to flow easier through areas of life off the mat, too. Practicing each pose in its exact precise sequence, while receiving personal attention and training from the teacher, provides you with a learning method that’s safe and steadfast. Here at Collierville Yoga, we strive to provide just that. We want Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga to help you in the ways that it has helped us and then some. Opening your heart to the possibilities you never thought you were capable of will help you grow in the studio and in life.